Friday, December 5, 2008

Ding dong, Merrily on High

I have a big concert tomorrow night. I sing with The Quire which is a gay and lesbian chorus. I still think the title of this concert is a little strange since we're not singing any songs that contain that lyric. Oh well, lizbeans. Gotta love 'em. It proving to be an excellent concert. Last night's dress rehearsal went extremely well. Well, at least the singing portion. We're singing three of the big choruses from The Messiah and the organist, Miss Marlys totally rocks out on those big pipes. I even have a solo in the swing version of White Christmas. I give it my best Bing. I have such a faggy speaking voice no one ever suspects I'm a bass. How low can ya go? Well, pretty fucking low in several ways.

I joined Netflix. I get my first movies tomorrow. Whoo hoo, to that. Just a few pictures today. I thought my little friend over at Valley Dreamin' would especially enjoy the Jesse McCartney pics. The other one is especially Sigh, cute boys.

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J.D. said...

Aw, thx Misch. ;)