Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ash Wednesday or X marks the spot.

she may not be a Catholic but.................
is that a hat or her hair?

nunnies are always the first in line

can you tell they had sex last night?

they even do it to babies

she's looks happy

stylish hair that covers the spot


just because....

do i need a reason?

i definitely don't need a reason

my new future husband

my ex-future husband.........shhh, I haven't told him yet

Vera's furture husband

I was struck today, as I am every year I suppose, by the number of people about town sporting a "cross of ash" on their foreheads. Rituals, gotta love them. And those Catholics (i'm a recovering Catholic myself) just love themselves a good ritual, as well. They have it all, don't they? Colorful costumes (it's all drag), golden props, candle light, incense, and a fabulous set complete with stained-glass windows, marble statues and a pretty gold cabinet where the body and blood of Christ lives. I have to wonder how many of those who take the time to get their ashen symbols, so all who see them know what good an devote Catholics they are, live their daily lives with kindness and to all. Hmmm. Did they give the homeless man on the corner some change? Hold a door open for someone to enter a building? Let another car in their lane in front of them? Smile at an elderly person on the street? Give up their seat on the bus?

I wonder what they "gave up" for Lent? In the meantime..........I thought I should post of few pics. I know it's been weeks since I've published a thing. I hope to do better.


Vera said...

I gave up Catholicism for Lent.

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adolf RELTIH said...

I am recovering from Gay-shit. Some X marks on the forehead cannot help anybody who does not know what it means for himself. For Lent you could stop writing empty comments about others and concentrate on yourself.You cannot modify others, so use your time with profit.